Wild-caught diver oysters from


Long Island’s Gold Coast.


Compact, deep cups that serve delicious


flavor and scream with attitude.

Pure as a baby with the attitude of a seasoned New York fisherman.  Wild Long Island oysters rich with character.

The shape, size, taste, and texture of every oyster is a product of its environment and tells its life story.

Fat Baby Oysters are diver-caught in deep waters, which means they are hand-harvested by scuba oystermen clad with breathing apparatuses.  Harvesting oysters this way avoids environmentally harmful techniques such as dredging.

Every oyster is hand-washed to ensure long shelf life and hand-graded for quality and presentation.  Fat Baby Oysters ship 48 hours from harvest or sooner.  No exceptions.


Fat Baby Oysters


Diver Oysters. Harvested by hand.


From the Long Island Sound